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Start Designing Your Shade Now!All shade styles can be cut in half and made to hang flush against the wall as a sconce. The price of a lampshade sconce includes a single or double socket, depending on size, and a wall plate with screw holes for mounting. It is also available for hard wiring or choose a cord, switch, and standard plug. For single-tiered sconces, $50.00 will be added to the cost of the shade chosen. For double-tiered sconces: $60.00 will be added to the cost of the shade chosen. For triple-tiered sconces: $70.00 will be added to the cost of the shade chosen. For four or more tiers, $80.00 will be added to the cost of the shade chosen. Select the sconce style on the Lampshades page. There is an option to indicate that the shade be made as a sconce and what type of wiring is desired. Custom sconces available upon request. Replacement wall lamp shades to fit on existing sconces are available. Just ask for a quote.

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mildred sconces custom minnie sconces

Call 830-935-2350 for complete instructions on installation and bulb changing for ceiling mounted fixtures. Moon Shine is not responsible for injury or death while installing, cleaning, bulb changing, maintaining, repairing, or removal of any Moon Shine Lamp and Shade fixture.

September 12, 2006

Oh man I can't tell you how excited I am to find you-- I came across your website months ago and got so excited by your product I was looking at it till the wee hours-- then the next day I could not remember your site name and couldn't bring it up in my history-- but today I perservered through screens and screens of google search and found you. I can't wait to place my order but just wanted you to know your lamps are exactly what I was creating in my own mind when I was thinking about the kind of lamp I want to hang in our new house. And I've never seen anything like them before. When I first found your site I literally gasped because your lamps were EXACTLY what I had been imagining. That NEVER happens! So cool.

- Fran

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