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Start Designing Your Shade Now!Actual colors may not match website samples exactly. Lighter and darker versions of all colors can be requested. Each dyebath is different so colors will not be exact. Like ceramic tiles, there can be slight variation on orders where multiple dyebaths are used.  This is also why it is a good idea to order pairs of shades on the same order, and not one at a time, to insure a color match.  If you are concerned about the variation, please contact Moon Shine, and we will be happy to discuss what to expect with your specific order.  Custom colors available upon request. Send color samples! We can match them!  OR request color samples from Moon Shine!  Patterns and images cannot be applied to textured material.

tierexplanation2.gif tierexplanation.gif
On shades with multiple tiers we offer up to one color per tier. When ordering a multi-tiered shade with a second color or third color, you need to designate what we refer to on the order form as the Primary, Secondary, and Third tiers. As illustrated in these two examples, the Primary Color is the tier(s) with the largest diameter. The Secondary Color is the tier(s) with the smaller diameter, and the Third Color is the tier(s) with the smallest diameter. Of course, not all of our multi-tiered shades, like the Mimi, would easily follow these guidelines. We provide a comments box on the order form to let you clarify any specifics that you request. We also offer a three-color combination on three tiered shades. Please use the comments box on the order form to indicate your selections. .























Click for view of texture on lampshade.


Call 830-935-2350 for complete instructions on installation and bulb changing for ceiling mounted fixtures. Moon Shine is not responsible for injury or death while installing, cleaning, bulb changing, maintaining, repairing, or removal of any Moon Shine Lamp and Shade fixture.

August 10, 2003

The new lamp shades arrived on Saturday and we love them. My husband is especially happy as the lamp on his side of the bed went with out a shade until Saturday’s delivery. The lamps belonged to my parents and probably date back to the 1950’s. I had to rewire one of them and debated on whether I should update the gold tone. I opted to leave it as is for now but may spruce it up later. One of the original lampshades was damaged so that left me with a dilemma. I had been searching and searching all over Madison for shades only finding cotemporary designs. So, I hit the internet and got very excited when I found your website. Thanks so much for the wonderful shades. They look marvelous!!!

- Patsy

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