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Start Designing Your Shade Now!All shade styles can be cut in half and made to hang flush against the wall as a sconce. The price of a lampshade sconce includes a single or double socket, depending on size, and a wall plate with screw holes for mounting. It is also available for hard wiring or choose a cord, switch, and standard plug. For single-tiered sconces, $50.00 will be added to the cost of the shade chosen. For double-tiered sconces: $60.00 will be added to the cost of the shade chosen. For triple-tiered sconces: $70.00 will be added to the cost of the shade chosen. For four or more tiers, $80.00 will be added to the cost of the shade chosen. Select the sconce style on the Lampshades page. There is an option to indicate that the shade be made as a sconce and what type of wiring is desired. Custom sconces available upon request. Replacement wall lamp shades to fit on existing sconces are available. Just ask for a quote.

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Call 830-935-2350 for complete instructions on installation and bulb changing for ceiling mounted fixtures. Moon Shine is not responsible for injury or death while installing, cleaning, bulb changing, maintaining, repairing, or removal of any Moon Shine Lamp and Shade fixture.

December 29, 2004

I can't breathe and I'm hyperventilating at the Moonshine website! An avid collector of 1950's lamps since the early 80's, ( when they were affordable and more plentiful), I had to gave up my hobby as prices soared and the fun went out of collecting them. My desire for them never went away, however, and at more than one vintage shop I mutttered, " For the love of God, can't someone start reproducing these little pieces of art? How hard can it be?" And, VIOLA..... there you are! Who are you people and whomever you are ,you've done your homework! Every nuance, color, detail, texture, pattern, shape, I have ever coveted over the years is here!! I am dying!!!! :) Even your "Nicotine" series holds significance, as I once inherited a bunch of 50's lamps from an older lady who smoked liked a chimney. Of course, her 50's lampshades were stained that certain color that actually throws off rather warm glow.Please tell me how you came to name that color series, "Nicotine"? And, I was just about to start giving away 6 pairs of lamp bases without the shades( 'parents without partners', I call them), but am now completely overwhelmed with the options of how to save my little friends. Finally. may I ask if the shades are actual fiberglass? I love that you have lacing choices and cannot believe that you even offer diffusers.. too cool! I must take time to digest all of this, but be assured, I will be ordering soon. Thank you !

- Tony

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