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silvertone 3-way socket A 3-way socket is a single socket that has a turn switch that has 3 settings. Turn once, and the light comes on. Turn again, and the light gets brighter. Turn a third time, and the light gets even brighter. Turn a fourth time, and the light goes off. A 3-way bulb is needed for a 3-way socket to work. Usually the 3-way bulbs are 50 watt to 100 watt to 150 watt and are available where regular light bulbs are sold.

conserve energy efficient GU24 CFL compact fluorescent bulb energy saverCompact Fluorescent Bulbs use less power and have a longer rated life.  They put out brighter light using less wattage, and they put out less heat than standard incandescent bulbs.  To use compact fluorescent bulbs, you can purchase ones that have a connector that fits a standard socket, purchase an adapter to use with your compact fluorescent and a standard socket, or purchase a compact fluorescent socket (available at Moon Shine)

standard incandescent edison light bulbStandard Incandescent Bulbs produce light by heating up a filament of wire inside a bulb with an electric current, causing incandescence.  They are the widely used standard household bulbs that are the most common electrical light source at this time.
Call 830-935-2350 for complete instructions on installation and bulb changing for ceiling mounted fixtures. Moon Shine is not responsible for injury or death while installing, cleaning, bulb changing, maintaining, repairing, or removal of any Moon Shine Lamp and Shade fixture.

June 22, 2007

Wanted to let you know I received the lampshade this afternoon and it looks fabulous! I'm attaching a pic of it on the lamp I bought it for. Thanks again for all the extra work you had to do to get it here, it was very much worth it!!

- Rick

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