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Ju-Nel Homes

Ju-Nel Home
Beckett House
One of the most spectacular homes built by Jack Wilson for Dallas socialite Haezel Beckett in Sunnyvale.


A unique look at mid-century modern residential architecture in Dallas, Texas

Ju-Nel Homes Inc. started as a partnership between the builder/architect duo of Lyle Rowley and Jack Wilson. Inspired by Howard Meyer and Frank Lloyd Wright, Wilson and Rowley wanted to break the cookie-cutter mold of the traditional ranch homes being built during the mid-century period. Instead of the usual ranch house, they designed and built contemporary homes with open floor plans, using unusual ideas and innovative products. They named the company for their wives, Julie Rowley and Nelda Wilson. Wilson and Rowley worked first with Dallas architect Howard Meyer on Temple Emanu-El and 3525 Turtle Creek. In 1958 they struck out on their own and became mavericks on the Dallas architecture scene.

At the time Rowley and Wilson started building, not everyone appreciated their modern designs. The banks thought that only traditional ranch homes would sell, so at first Ju-Nel built what they called "hybrid" houses. These were more traditional homes with some contemporary aspects. Luckily, Ju-Nel persisted and quickly developed their own unique organic modern style, leaving today’s Ju-Nel enthusiasts with a treasure trove of awesome architecture. In all, Ju-nel built around 100 unique residential homes. Of those that have been identified, many are located in Eastwood Estates, Casa Linda, Lake Highlands, Old Lake Highlands, Lochwood, Lochwood Meadows, White Rock North and Lake Park Estates. Most of these homes were built during the early to mid 1960s. By 1963 Rowley had his fill of 8 day weeks and left the partnership to work for the Corp Of Engineers.

Any residential homes after 1963 were the product of Wilson under the Ju-Nel name. During the 1970s, Jack designed and built mostly commercial properties as Ju-Nel General Contractors.



Exterior traits of Ju-Nel architecture

* Sloped, irregular and/or heavily wooded building lot

* Abundant use of organic materials such as rock or stone,
rough cedar siding, T-111 plywood accent siding and Mexican adobe brick

* Low-pitched roof often with exposed rafters

* Over-sized eaves that may have cutouts for trees

* Wood sections with high, sliding windows inserted in brick walls

* Plate-glass windows following the shape of roof line

* Large wall-wide sliding doors or banks of windows

* Multiple outdoor areas such as porches, decks, courtyards and patios

* Few windows on street facade of home for privacy


Interior traits of Ju-Nel architecture

* Organic building materials including terrazzo,
slate, copper, teak and brick

* Usually Formica-type countertops in the kitchen

* Open floor plans often featuring vaulted ceilings
and L-shaped or U-shape living areas

* Exposed beams

* Cut-out or pass-through in walls between rooms

* Unique fireplaces including two-way and circular
or fireplaces surrounded by massive brick walls

* Jack and Jill bathrooms

* Floor-to-ceiling windows

* Mosaic tile in tub surrounds

* Modern lighting fixtures of the time such as
track, recessed, pendant or spot

Ju-NelHomes.com is the source of all information above. 

Please go to Ju-Nel Homes for more wonderful pictures and history
on this amazing architectural firm.

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July 11, 2006

Hi there ~ I'm a returning customer who has been enjoying the lampshade you made for me last year very much!

- Marcie

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