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November 20, 2009

I just got the 3 shades in the mail and they are perfect! Thanks you so much for working with me to get them right.

- Martha

November 19, 2009

Just received the shade and it is amazing -the lamp looks new -thank you so much for the excellent service

- Carleen

November 18, 2009

Hello -I got the lampshade and its wonderful. Attached a couple pictures. Thank you so much!

- Carleen

November 18, 2009

Got it today, and it's beautiful. Thanks!

- Allison

November 17, 2009

this looks great. many thanks for your time. I am eager to have the shades in my hand and unite them with their bases.

- Lisa

November 13, 2009

I received my organza shade for my chandelier about a week ago. It was beautifully packaged and arrived in perfect condition. The shade is beautiful! Thanks Moon Shine for making a old chandelier look beautiful and modern!

- Lisa

November 10, 2009

by the way the shades are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING...they glow so well...regards.

- Ron

November 10, 2009

Thank you once again for your superior customer service.

- David

November 9, 2009

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your website and product with photo in a feature on my home in retrorenovation.com. Thanks again for a great product!

- Maribeth

November 8, 2009

Last night I purchased a lamp at the St John The Apostle Catholic School auction in North Richland Hills, TX. Thank you for your donation! I bought it for my Son for graduation from college. But, I think I might keep it!

- Doug

November 5, 2009

Thanks for your prompt reply and good customer service!

- David

November 2, 2009

Thank you for your prompt reply...will follow thru! Sincerely

- Kay

November 2, 2009

The lampshade has arrived and looks exquisite...cheers and thanks!

- Dan

October 29, 2009

Thank you D'Lana! These pix are great & will be a big help to the scene shop. Thanks for the fire text dox as well...Mike will know best what document he needs to take these into Carnegie Hall...Thanks to you & Moon Shine for a terrific job well done!

- Tom

October 27, 2009

I wanted to thank the Moon Shine Staff and Artist for such beautiful work and dedication. I Love my Helen lamp shade. My best to all of you

- Laura

October 19, 2009

Received shades today. Delighted with them. Thanks for your prompt replies to me. Much appreciated. Hope I wasn't too much of a pain to deal with. Please thank the craftsperson who made them for me. I am very happy with them. I will happily recommend Moon Shine to my friends who collect lamps from the same era. Warmest Regards

- Richard

October 14, 2009

I wanted to let you know that the INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL custom GLADYS lamp shade arrived yesterday and it is perfect. Please know that we will definitely be ordering future shades from you very soon. We are very impressed and the lamp has a whole new look. A million thanks for your quality service and product. Kind regards

- Daniel

October 14, 2009

Sounds perfect -can't wait to get it. Thanks.

- Carleen

October 13, 2009

Wow, thanks! You guys rock, I can't wait to see it!

- Jeff

October 12, 2009

I love your lampshades. I'm a big collector/fan of 50s lamps.

- Molly

October 9, 2009

the shade arrived and it's beautiful. Thanks so much.

- Molly

October 6, 2009

I just got a call from Debby in PA. Thanks for the referral. I wanted to send you a picture of the shades. We made custom raspberry color slip covers for them. It looked great.

- Dan

September 25, 2009

thank you the shade fit very well

- Marie

September 22, 2009

Thank you for the shade. It finished my lamp well. I have attached a picture for you to see. I look forward to future shades. Thank you kindly

- Scott

September 9, 2009

You are awesome.

- Brett

September 1, 2009

Doing great. A few of your sconces will be going into a vintage Airstream for Anthony Kiedas. Building a trailer for him right now. Just put another pair in a very rare 1948 Airstream of mine. So, your fixtures are getting around.

- David

September 1, 2009

Thanks so much for the beautiful mesh shade. It's exactly what our chandelier needed! I appreciate all your help and guidance.

- Allison

August 30, 2009

your shades get lots of positive comments. Folks just love them and are amazed when I tell them they are new. They are such perfect examples of the style. You do terrific work! Thanks!

- Sandy

August 29, 2009

Just want to let you all know that this is the best custom website I have seen on the internet. Very Very Nice. I have a lamp shade that I need replicated and will be using your service in the near future. Once again well done.

- Barry

August 27, 2009

I purchased 3 shades to replace the originals which were in a very sorry state and now our 50s lamps look spiffy and new. It's really great to know where to turn for mid century contemporary style shades. Thank you

- Alex

August 19, 2009

the lamps look great. You can't really see the frame color on the mirror but it really compliments. Thanks

- Margaret

August 19, 2009

Your shade work stuns me. It’s truly gorgeous.

- Brian

August 19, 2009

Thank you very much. I will say I am excited to see how your shade flows with my lamp

- Scott

August 17, 2009

Here are a couple of pics of the lights you made for us. They worked out great; very beautiful!!! Thanks

- Peter

August 14, 2009

just got my shade yesterday and wanted to let you know that i love it! it took a long time to decide which combo to chose with all the options, but your site made it possible to design exactly what i wanted, and it looks perfect in the room. thanks

- Jennifer

August 4, 2009

got the shades put together and installed today...Everyone loves it! The pastor was practically speechless at the difference.

- Carla

July 31, 2009

the lights look great, and I hope to send you some more business soon....

- Jimi

July 23, 2009


- Terri

July 21, 2009

oh my gosh....I just got them....there are styronuts everywhere and I am doing cartwheels because....they are fabbbbbuuloussss!!! I am so excited to set-up for the party now because these shades give the kitchen a new and complete vibe...Thanks for getting it so right. Will email photos along with some more feedback when things settle down after the party. People are going to go gaga over these....thanks again....thanks for getting these to me in time for the big event.

- Stacey

July 19, 2009

it has been quite some time since i received the great shade that your company did for me. my son in laws put the shade on a couple of weeks ago and it is just awesome. great work and thanks for all of your great help.

- Susan

July 13, 2009

Thank you again for all of your help in getting a replacement shade to our clients so quickly. They sent us a few pictures. They look great.

- Regina

July 13, 2009

Thanks! I love it!

- Will

July 9, 2009

Excellent news:they are now hanging in the sitting room and looking very lovely indeed!

- Marie

July 7, 2009


- Terri

June 25, 2009

My shade came out perfect. I just thought you might like to know...It looks great! Thank you so very much.

- Kelly

June 24, 2009

Thanks for the quick turn-around! I'm looking forward to seeing what a difference it will make.

- Carla

June 17, 2009

Just wanted to let you know I saw the shades in the space today and they look great! I was so nervous ordering something I hadn't seen before but they turned out perfect for the space. My only regret is that I didn't order the smaller version for the bathroom as well. Thanks again for all your assistance!

- Jayne

June 6, 2009

I ordered three shades from you many years ago and was SO ECSTATIC with the result that I have thought about you at least once a day ever since and have recommended you MANY times over the years. I was just at a party last night and overheard someone saying they wish they could find the right vintage shade for this fantastic vintage lamp that they had found and once again I was able to sing your praises and pass on your web address. So, I got online this morning just to check out the site again after all these years and am SO impressed by how you have evolved and grown and by all your success that I just had to write and say, 'YAY - you!' And to remind you that its not only because you do such GREAT work, but also because you have superb customer service in a time where that is almost non-existent. I will love my shades forever, and its because all those years ago, someone took the time to REALLY help me and make sure I got EXACTLY what I wanted. Congratulations, I look forward to continuing to tell as many people as possible about you and here's to much more future success!

- Tracy

May 18, 2009

I have included a picture of the hallway lamp you made for me last year. I think it looks great!!!

- George

May 12, 2009

Wow. Looks amazing!

- Chris

May 7, 2009

I got the shades and they are great.

- Tom

April 27, 2009

I got them on Friday and they look fantastic! Thanks for your help! I will keep you in mind for my future Lampshade needs!

- Susana

April 18, 2009

Thank you so much for your help. And may I pass on prosperity & continued good business in the future in these difficult times.

- John

April 15, 2009

The replacement shade with the "swish" pattern arrived today. It's perfect, it looks awesome. I'm not sure there's anyone else in the whole country who could have done this. Thank you for your quality work and your flawless customer service. I'm your most appreciative customer!

- Matthew

April 14, 2009

Thanks for you prompt response. I do love the shades!

- Kathy

April 13, 2009

This arrived last Friday, and I love it. I totally love it.

- Misty

April 9, 2009

Good evening! I just returned home and found the lamp shades waiting. Thank you!...Let me begin by saying it looks fantastic...Moon Shine's work is always so professional.

- Robert

April 1, 2009

I've always seen your ad in Atomic Ranch and love your site.

- David

March 29, 2009

Hi, just browsed your entire site, and sat in awe!! Born in 1955, it truly was a DEJA'VU, my neighbors, in Skokie, Ill. had a whole living room filled with these past delights!! You Guys and Gals are brilliant!

- Deborah

March 24, 2009

I received my lampshade today. It is better than I could have ever imagined! I love it so much, thank you for this creation!

- Jaime

March 9, 2009

The shade arrived late last week and will be installed today…I can’t wait to see it in the lobby!

- Rachel

March 2, 2009

The fixture is up it is amazing in place. Marie is very happy.

- Rhonda

March 1, 2009

Found your site while on a 50's rejuvination site. I'm totally blown away by you guys and what you do...I've put off ordering for a week now, just trying to decide what it will look like. Love love love your stuff and can't wait to share you guys with all my friends. Of course, being a gal in TN coming from TX, (Big D), I wasn't surprised to see you guys are in Spring Branch. Way to go!!!

- Pam

February 25, 2009

Thanks again for your AWESOME customer service!

- Patricia

February 17, 2009

you have a super site!

- Frank

February 9, 2009

You are amazing! My client was so happy to hear that he would have them this week...thank you! The restaurant looks great with your fabulous fixtures! We will be photographing after the last 2 are installed. I'll be sure to send you some pics!

- Pam

February 4, 2009

I got the two other nightlight samples today, I LOVE THEM...Thanks, I'm so excited about these, they look awesome!

- Mary

January 27, 2009

Hi D'Lana! I got the sample nightlight and I love it! I was looking at the back metal part and I think it looks absolutely fine...I am really pleased and think these will make a great addition to my lamps.

- Mary

January 20, 2009

Your site is very lucky for me!

- Pat

January 19, 2009

I love your lamp shades. D'lana is so nice to talk to . I can't wait to do business with this company.

- Paula

December 14, 2008

The shade arrived on Thursday. We finally unpacked it and it is just perfect! Thank you for completing the job quickly and helping with the restoration of a very nice lamp! Have a nice Holiday Season!

- Seth

December 12, 2008

Just saw the baseball fixtures you did for Teresa at Minute Maid park. Very cool.

- Clint

December 2, 2008

They look amazing.

- Theresa

November 30, 2008

Oh, My GOD!!! I just found your website. I've been looking for months for shades for lamps we're putting in a home we bought 8 months ago. Nothing was right. As soon as I get through the holidays, I'm going to start ordering. You guys do great work. How have you avoided being in an article in every home magazine for years?

- Linda

November 21, 2008

You ROCK D'Lana! I will look for the lamps from DHL and I'll call you when they come-I can't wait. Thanks for the invoices and T&C. Hey, what do you like, I mean do you like chocolate or a special flower, or cake or fragrance-I would like to send you a little something! Thanks again!

- Mary

November 12, 2008

I did get the shades, and very quickly I might add. I put them on and they look great! I will probably tackle the other lamp early next year.

- Heather

November 5, 2008

I just got my shade and it's great looking! Who knew that when all the drama started, that this shade would be just as good-looking as the one that I originally wanted. I was also very impressed with the workmanship. Thanks again for everything.

- Cindy

November 3, 2008

i've just gotten two mid century lamps from my mother's condo in florida that cry out for shades just like yours... thanks for your help.

- Drew

November 1, 2008

After I picked my jaw off the floor I thought I should thank you! You made those shades to quickly and I can't wait to see them. The question now is if I give them to my husband early for his big birthday.

- Heather

October 28, 2008

Thanks for your help with my order and the invoice.

- Gene

October 27, 2008

thank you for the great customer service.

- Megan

October 24, 2008

Just FYI, the artist making the lamps for us that these shades will go on said that he was familiar with you're company and was very complementary.

- Karen

October 16, 2008

Thanks! I got the catalog. Fabulous, my dear!

- Anna

October 6, 2008

hung lights at tavern today...they look great!

- Amy

September 23, 2008

Received my lampshade yesterday and just wanted to let you know I'm very happy with it. It took less than two weeks to receive. I figured it would look good from your website, but it's even better than what I expected. I attached a photo.

- Jeff

September 19, 2008

Talk about lightning-fast!! I couldn't believe how quickly you got this last order to me! They are just super-cool; AWESOME job!! Thanks!! :-)

- Don

September 17, 2008


- Terri

September 10, 2008

They are awesome.

- Theresa

September 8, 2008

They loved them – now we just have to figure out how to attach them and what sizes we need. I’ll also decide on all leather or the vinyl – the nicotine looks great!!!!! Thank you so much for working with me so quickly – it helped seal the deal on design concept!

- Theresa

August 15, 2008

Thank you so much for the help! That is very generous of you. By the way..... you guys have fabulous stuff.... I am very impressed. I'm here in San Francisco with a lot of 50's stuff... and no one does shades....

- Kelly

August 12, 2008

Thanks. We got the shade yesterday -- it is fabulous! It makes all other lampshades look very sad and tired.

- Jane

August 8, 2008

I received my pair of Amanda lamp shades. From the many choices of options available for me to pick from and your excellent craftmanship we have produced a work of art. They are definitely the POP my lamps and room needed. Thanks!

- Frank

August 6, 2008

Thank you so much making it so easy!

- Gray

August 6, 2008

I just got home and was sooo happy to see my lampshades had just arrived! They are totally awesome!

- Gray

July 22, 2008

I ordered my new shade on July 7th and received it on July 22nd very fast shipping and I'm very pleased with the new shade. Thank You. AAAAAA++++++

- Steve

July 8, 2008

Worked out great! I'll send you a pic very soon.

- Geoff

July 7, 2008

Thanks for the help--will send you some photos when I get it finished--it will be a while --really appreciate the help

- Ann

July 6, 2008

Hi--thanks for the GREAT fiberglass lamp inserts--have been so busy with all the work here haven't had time to install--they look great--thanks for making them look and feel so great--

- Ann

July 1, 2008

Just received my Dolores Lamp shade and it's fantastic! Very, very good job on all aspects of the shade. It will look great on my black and gold speckled atomic 50's lamp. I'll attempt to send a picture as soon as I get a digital camera.

- Mike

June 21, 2008

It looks awesome on the vintage metal tripod lamp I bought it for. You do amazing work. Thanks so much!!

- Jenny

June 14, 2008

Got my order yesterday. Just wanted to say what a beautiful job you did. I love it.

- Sherry

June 4, 2008

Yes, thanks so much for your help! I ended up ordering the Bunny shades in ivory with black squiggle. They just arrived yesterday and they look awesome! I also just ordered two 14" harps because mine are way too short. I'll email you pics once I've got the new harps. Thanks again!

- Anne

June 1, 2008

Wow! I love what you guys are doing. Here's hoping great success for you. You deserve it.

- Doug

May 30, 2008

Thanks very much. It worked out perfectly. The lamp shade looks like new. :) Thanks for your help!

- Kelly

April 28, 2008

Just a line to say that the shade arrived yesterday and it's beautiful. Thank you and all for the great shade. We will enjoy it for many many years. I did wonder if you keep records of the custom colors as we will more than likely order more shades. Thanks again for all the help

- Kat

April 7, 2008

Just a note to let you know that I received my lacing today! Looks great & should be perfect for re-lacing my shades:) Thank-you sooooooooooo much!!!

- Lee Anne

April 2, 2008

you have the best coolest stuff.

- Hugo

March 23, 2008

W O W I would like to carry some of your hanging shades..with or without cords. I've been looking all over for shades like these (we're a fair trade only store) - so artisans rule!

- A.J.

March 19, 2008

I just wanted to thank you for your quick response to my inquiry. I have sold the vintage Danish lamp on-line and have forwarded the information about your company to the buyer. I hope they contact you and order a new shade. (they are from NYC) I will also keep your info handy and include it with future sales of vintage lamps. I hope you don't mind.

- Norman

March 6, 2008

Love your shades.

- Steve

February 26, 2008

These shades are perfect accompaniment to my lamps. The quality is incredible! I could not be more pleased. Thank you for such professional work.

- John

February 25, 2008

Just wanted to tell you how great your work is...full of surprises and sometimes hilarity. I am happy to have found your website!

- Janis

February 25, 2008

finally got our lampshades and they are "FANTASTIC"...they were worth the wait and we love them, color, design, etc are perfect ...many thanks ...

- Shari and Randall

February 20, 2008

Got the shades you sent. They turned out very nice. Thank you.

- Bonnie

February 18, 2008

Thank you so much for your quick response. My hobby is refurbishing 50's lamps and I am glad to see that you have such good customer service. You are a new resource for me

- Barbara

February 15, 2008

Thanks for all of your help with the shades. You're definitely on my favorite vendor list. You were responsive and a pleasure to work with. I'm attaching a quick snapshot of the finished space. I'll send you more professional photos when I get them.

- Marites

February 5, 2008

thank you. i love your product!

- Bill

February 4, 2008

Hi...I am a customer from the past....I LOVE my shades I bought a few years back...I am now in a new house and would like to add to my collection!

- Patricia

February 1, 2008

Hi I got the shade today & it definitely is the look we are going for.

- Venus

January 19, 2008

I have been away and just got home to my second set of shades from you. They are absolutely gorgeous and I love them.

- Tuan

January 11, 2008

Got the lamp and left feedback already. Love the lamp. Thanks!

- Michael

January 7, 2008

Thanks for the effort. If someone I know asks about custom shades, you'll be the answer.

- Barry

January 3, 2008

Your shades are heavenly. I think I ran into you guys at a trade show years ago. Glad to see you're still rockin'!!

- Linda Lou

December 21, 2007

I just got my first 2 shades and they are beautiful! I can't wait to see the next two. Thanks a million and Merry Christmas.

- Tuan

December 21, 2007

I just found your site. Haven't even got my "new" 1946 trailer home yet and I am already dreaming of customizing it. I can't wait. Keep up the hard work on your new creations. Thanks

- Kevin

December 8, 2007


- Mary

December 5, 2007

We did get the questions answered and in fact got the new canopy in time to set up the light for our dinner party Saturday night (It was the recipient of many compliments). We're all set now and very happy to have your product. Thanks again for all your help.

- Mike

October 31, 2007

Yes, shade came, it's beautiful and just right. Thanks for fixing this.

- David

October 23, 2007

I just wanted to tell you that I received my lampshade today and I LOVE IT!! It was worth the wait. My "trudy" lampshade in white and chocolate looks fantastic with my retro orange lamp. I am considering a custom pendant light now...Thanks a bunch!

- Susan

October 16, 2007

My new lampshade arrived today and it is really kickin'! Exactly as I ordered and looks fabulous on the retro lamp I am custom painting for my home. Thank you so much. I highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a cool and kitchy, one of a kind lampshade!

- Amy

September 29, 2007

Good evening. Here are some pictures of the shades your wonderful company has made for me in the past few years. I hope they are useful. Please feel free to use what you want. I would love to help in any way I can.

- Robert

September 14, 2007

I've looked at a lot of shade sites and yours is my favorite: great designs, good materials, lots of options AND your prices are fair. I'm telling my "50's" friends. I'm working up to rehabilitating a Majestic style table lamp that needs two special shades, Not sure of manufacturer must learn more. If you have time to answer perhaps you could recommend 1 or 2 of the better reference books; For today, take this is a fan letter: keep up the good work, I understand that it is a lot of work, and it's good. I'll be checking your site often to be working out my lighting projects.

- Daniela

September 11, 2007

Great website and products! Also really like your quasar and sputnik finial accessory. Oh, also, I know there's huge work that goes into such a great website, there is huge work running a production business.

- Daniela

August 10, 2007

Got the shade, its perfect, thanks!

- Jena

July 3, 2007

Hello. I just received my order for 2 Trudy shades and I have to say that the shades look great and are clearly high quality products.

- Rich

June 26, 2007

I received my lamp shade yesterday and it was a perfect fit (both literally and style wise) for my lamp. I’m already scheming on my next one.

- Stacey

June 22, 2007

Wanted to let you know I received the lampshade this afternoon and it looks fabulous! I'm attaching a pic of it on the lamp I bought it for. Thanks again for all the extra work you had to do to get it here, it was very much worth it!!

- Rick

June 20, 2007

just recieved the boomerang table top yesterday, looks great!!

- Scott

May 21, 2007

I suppose I should have waited a few more hours before inquiring about the status of my shade order because, surprisingly, IT ARRIVED TODAY! And BOY was it worth the 4 - 6 week wait! The box was enormous compared to the relative size of the shade, but I greatly appreciate the extra care and concern your company takes when packing and shipping such awesome products. Needless to say, my shade arrived in pristine condition, and looked even swankier than I had originally imagined. Seriously, I drew some mockups of a few possible color combinations and thought I knew what to expect, however the finished product is deliciously decadent - way cooler than ANY lamp should be! I've included a picture of how the reed/tangerine Ginger combination positively POPS off my green walls! I hope you guys stay in business forever so I can purchase all future lamps from you! I am THRILLED beyond words! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my shade!

- Peter

May 21, 2007

Even though it takes so long to manufacture and ship your products, I love what your company is doing and I can't wait see the shade I designed in the flesh...or would that be fiberglass? LOL!

- Peter

May 17, 2007

The Shades are WAY COOL!! Thank you so much; this was well worth the wait! I'll be back..... :-)

- Don

May 1, 2007

Thanks for all your help and persistence. Your shades look so damn good it was worth all the effort from my end. Being on the other side of the planet has its benefits and drawbacks and shipping can be a drawback.

- Marc

April 9, 2007

I can't wait to see the finished product in my room! And I now have to find a vintage lamp so I can buy more shades from your company! I love what you guys are doing. Keep up the fantastic work!

- Peter

April 4, 2007

Your shades are terrific and I need some!

- Barbara

March 22, 2007

Got the lamp. We love it. Thanks!

- LeeAnn

March 11, 2007

I love your site. You have the best lampshade on the market.

- Carl

March 4, 2007

Your designs,versatility, prices and website are awesome! I have long been looking for the type of lampshades you design and produce and I was overjoyed to have found your website.

- Nancy

February 26, 2007

Yes I received the replacement kit. Thank you for your prompt attention and assistance

- Rita

February 21, 2007

we love our hanging pen lamp. Thanks for getting it to us much sooner than we expected! It looks great.

- Lee

February 17, 2007

Hi, got my lamp last week and I love it! My husband can't believe how cool it is. Nice to have one of a kind lampshades so reasonably priced. It's a stand out, thanx again!

- Dana

February 9, 2007

I just wanted you guys to know I received my lamp I ordered and it is only the coolest lamp ever!!!! Thanks so much!!! I would recommed your company to anyone. Thanks again.

- Elizabeth

January 30, 2007

I have 3 huge lamp shades 3'w x 4' w in bamboo hanging down in the middle of salon. I love it! And so do all my customers! It made a statement!

- Anne

January 26, 2007

Just opened the box a few minutes ago, and my lampshade is beautiful! I am going to open a bottle of wine, marry my vintage lamp with this amazing shade, and sit back and enjoy. Thank you for your talented work!!!

- Scott

January 21, 2007

I'm so proud of the shades I purchased from you several years ago that I'm blogging about it. Not much traffic yet, but I hope it gets you customers.

- Shelly

January 21, 2007

I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am! My lampshades are the hippest in town! I know it is a matter of time before EVERYONE will want to order them. Thanks for your great customer service and for the awesome creative lampshades.

- Patricia

January 20, 2007

I love the shade!! I love the splatter pattern so much ....that I wish I would of had you do it also on the primary (blue) shade along with the star pattern. Next time.

- Andrea

January 19, 2007

I have been meaning to email you all week. Love the shade and it fits!

- Bonnie

January 2, 2007

Just received my beautiful lampshade!!! Packaged very carefully !! Thank You so much Moon Shine we have another work of art hanging in our house.

- Jane

December 19, 2006

got them today !!!! they are great!! thanks!!

- Ena

December 14, 2006

My lamp shades came back today from the dyeing and they are PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT! Thank you for your super creations and excellent customer service! I will be a repeat customer for sure! All the best and happy holidays!

- Dave

December 12, 2006

Here is the completed lamp. It is signed" Tye of Calif. '56". Great match by the way! They look perfect. We couldn't be more happy.

- Philip

December 6, 2006

I can't wait to get my very hip shades!!!

- Pat

November 29, 2006

The chrome legs are great! I already built my desk and printer stand. They look fabulous.

- Jennifer

November 29, 2006

I received the light last week--on my birthday! :-) It is awesome! We LOVE it! The perfect fit for our retro-modern dining room. Thanks much!

- Pamela

November 28, 2006

here is a photo of one lamp done, next to the other with the old ugly original covering...looks nice

- Kerry

November 3, 2006

Just wanted to let you know we did receive the lights - they were beautiful. Thank you for all of your help!

- Ann

September 27, 2006

Thought I'd pass this along since some of your work is in this unit. This month's issue of Fast Company magazine features Steve McCallion, head of creative for Ziba Design, who chose the 75th Anniversary Airstream as one of his 3 favorite designs of the year. His two additional choices were from Sony and Nike. Not bad company! The issue is a special "Masters of Design" edition. Ziba Design took top honors at the 2006 Industrial Design Excellence Awards.

- David

September 25, 2006

I can’t thank you enough! I spoke with Deadly Night Shades, and they won’t make them due to the labor. YES! I would like the original “nicotine” look.

- Kyle

September 22, 2006

I received the lampshades in Tuesdays deliveries. I have to say that they look FANTASTIC!! I am so impressed on the care you take in shipping them out. I have ordered lampshades from you in the past and I plan on ordering more in the future. All my friends just love them, in fact some are planning on ordering them very soon. Thanks again,

- James

September 12, 2006

Oh man I can't tell you how excited I am to find you-- I came across your website months ago and got so excited by your product I was looking at it till the wee hours-- then the next day I could not remember your site name and couldn't bring it up in my history-- but today I perservered through screens and screens of google search and found you. I can't wait to place my order but just wanted you to know your lamps are exactly what I was creating in my own mind when I was thinking about the kind of lamp I want to hang in our new house. And I've never seen anything like them before. When I first found your site I literally gasped because your lamps were EXACTLY what I had been imagining. That NEVER happens! So cool.

- Fran

September 6, 2006

Thanks so much. By the way...your site and products available are SUPER GROOVY. Cheers!

- Jason

August 25, 2006

All I can say is WOW! Great shade guys, thanks a lot!!!

- Mark

August 23, 2006

Thank you so much! I was worried for nothing I guess. Can't wait to see the lamp - you guys do fantastic work!

- Erin

August 17, 2006

I received my new lampshades today when I returned from our vacation and they are great! Thanks so much for brighteneing our family room!.

- Ruth

August 11, 2006

I received the shade; it's quite perfect. I have sent a link to a Yahoo Photo Album, with a few shots of your shade as it now sits.

- Bill

July 11, 2006

Hi there ~ I'm a returning customer who has been enjoying the lampshade you made for me last year very much!

- Marcie

June 23, 2006

DLANA-WOW !!!! I am impressed. I don't need the shades now, however I will need some new shades in the near future and because of this email I will be doing business with you. I am going to custom order one. I want to thank you for remembering me.

- Scott

June 12, 2006

I've known about your site for several years now, but finally got around to ordering a shade of my own. It lives up to all my expectations and looks fantastic in my bedroom. Thank you for such a great product. Now I'm trying to find somewhere to hang another one!

- Vanessa

June 8, 2006

Our shades arrived last week, and we are truly astounded by the degree of period authenticity and superb craftsmanship. They are truly gorgeous. We will never look elsewhere for atomic shades.

- Conner

June 7, 2006


- Kate

April 22, 2006

We received our lamps yesterday, and they look pretty kick ass.

- Mitch

April 6, 2006

The shades arrived in time, and they look terrific. Thank you for saving the day. Best regards

- Sharon

March 16, 2006

yes, they arrived a day or so after I contacted you....they look great. thanks for the great job.

- Nick

March 14, 2006

you created a shade for me a few years ago, and I’ve always been so happy with it. Now that I have this larger project, I immediately thought of you.

- Elizabeth

March 10, 2006

I am in awe of Helen lampshade that I received today. It is truly gorgeous. You did a beautiful job.

- Helen

March 2, 2006

Thank you so much! You guys did a fantastic job on a couple of lampshades that I got a few years back... I can't wait to see this one! Thanks again!

- Scott

February 24, 2006

The lovely Carolyn shade arrived today. Thanks so much for the speedy service!

- Karen

February 17, 2006

Talk about great customer service. Thank you so much!

- Jacob

February 17, 2006

I recieved the package yesterday. Thanks for your concern...They are lovely!

- Karin

February 13, 2006

We just received the new lamps and shades today. They are even better than I imagined they would be and they arrived super fast! I'm telling everyone I know about you guys! We love your work so much we may just have to order more! Thanks a bunch!

- Cathie

February 1, 2006

We received our order earlier this week and the shades are GREAT! Beautiful. The client loves them.

- Sarah

February 1, 2006

Thanks again, I really appreciate this. I have also contacted a competitor about this, and they don't want to help at all.

- Val

January 24, 2006

I ordered a custom hanging light from you and am very impressed! It is exactly what I wanted and the craftsmanship is exceptional! I love the fact that you can get a shade in the shape, color and pattern to suite your lifestyle! AWESOME! I will send all my friends to your website! I will definately be ordering from you again! You guys rock!

- Cindy

January 24, 2006

Just wanted you guys to know how much I love my lampshade. I received it today. I am such a fan of the 1950's/1960's era, and your reproductions make it possible to enjoy the shades as they were in the days gone by. I will be sure to order again !!! Thanks again !

- Terri

January 13, 2006

Thanks again for the gold lacing. You sent more than enough, I got the lampshade re-strung and it looks great!

- Jim

January 10, 2006

Oh, hey - it's you guys that deserve the thanks. It's rare that I have so much fun spending money. This was a really fun purchase. I love the shade.

- Keith

January 5, 2006

The Corina I ordered came today. Thanks for getting it to me even faster than you said you could. It looks awesome. I think I'll have to order another one. I'm really glad I found you while Googling. I've been telling almost everyone I talk to about how cool your designs are.

- Keith

December 27, 2005

Thank you for all your assistance in this matter. I received the lampshades this evening and they are beautiful. Thank you very much and thank your employers for me as well. Have a great New Year. I am sure I will be doing business with you again.

- Cory

December 22, 2005

Received the Lamp Shades yesterday. They are BEAUTIFUL. Exactly what we wanted. They look great with our lamps. Thank-You for the great work

- Kathy

December 11, 2005

Just writing to let you know that the shades arrived (in Australia) safe and sound yesterday -thanks so much for the great packing!! They are fabulous - I love them. Now I just have to search for the perfect bases!

- Julie

December 6, 2005

Received my previous order a couple of months back and the shades are fantastic! I had purchased two 1950s Reglor style chalk lamps that were great but could not find any shades to do the lamps justice. Your shades allowed me to return the lamps to their original 1950s look. I couldn't be more pleased. Just placed my second order for two additional shades to match the lamps purchased for my 1950s blond bedroom set. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

- Phil

December 5, 2005

I received the shade and harp. It looks great! Thank you.

- Joy

November 16, 2005

The lampshade is absolutely perfect ... everybody says so. We love the pattern and how nicely it goes both with the lamp and the room furnishings. Thanks for making it so beautifully and for the personalized touch your company provides. It's essential for really completing a clean vintage look for a room. I may be seeking two more lampshades for my living room after the first of the year.

- Angela

November 9, 2005

Hey, wanted to let you know that your huge shade is causing quite a stir!! People LOVE it!!!

- Cindy

November 7, 2005

Lamp arrived! AMAZING! I may have to get some more now!!

- Kerry

November 4, 2005

Thank you so much. We have lots of friends who will be interested in these and I will be sure to recommend you. I got your site word of mouth from someone else, and that's the best advertisement!!

- Catherine

November 2, 2005

I received the lampshade today & its beautiful.

- Jane

October 24, 2005

Thank you! I love your shades!

- Tempest

October 19, 2005

Here's a pic of on of the sconces in the trailer. They look terrific.

- David

October 19, 2005

hello! first, let me say, i love what i am seeing on this website!! i am interested in purchasing a shade (exactly which one, i'm not sure) and having a logo applied. i apologize if this info is on your site--i didn't have time to read over everything! thank you so much, and keep up the beautiful work!!

- Jada

October 17, 2005

Yes, I received the half-shades on Monday. You do very good work. They are very high quality and look terrific. Absolutely no complaints. Thanks for being so prompt also. I will let you know about quantity so you can quote quantity pricing as soon as I know something. Probably won't know anything for a month or two. Wish all my suppliers were as professional.

- David

October 17, 2005

I did and it looks great - THANK YOU!

- Victoria

October 17, 2005

I recieved my custom shade order the other day and I wanted to thank you for your quick turn-around and high level of quality. This is the second shade I have purchased from Moon Shine Shades and hopefully it won't be the last. Prior to stumbling upon your website, I had spent many long weekends trying to find original shades in second hand stores and antique malls. Fortunately, I was able to find the perfect shades through your store. Thanks Again.

- Tim

October 12, 2005

Got it and it is fabulous! Thanks for the quick service.

- Shannon

October 6, 2005

I Just wanted to say what a great job you guys did on my shade! I love it! Next lamp that I get will definately need a Moonshine shade on it !!! Thanks for all the help and a great looking shade!!!

- Chris

October 6, 2005

We LOVE your web-site and your products! We have recently purchased a cabin and are doing a 50's theme throughout. Can we order any of your fabrics directly for some upholstry projects we have? We will probably be ordering some fun shades from you for some old lamps we have.

- Janella

September 27, 2005

Better craftmanship than I had dared to hope. I'll be back, and I'll bring friends!

- Matt

September 16, 2005

Just wanted to let you know the shades arrived and they look great! I have enclosed a picture with the shades on a pair of vintage 1958 Hula boy and girl chalkware lamps. Thanks for a great product and great service,

- Harvey

September 14, 2005

Wanted to let you know that i just received the order. The pillow and lamp stand are wonderful. I appreciate the help you've given me with this. With many thanks,

- Neil

September 12, 2005

Just received my very cool lighting...thanks guys, nice job, I love them!

- Alan

August 12, 2005

Thanks, you for everything the shade arrived today it is beautiful!

- Annette

August 8, 2005

They're TDF!!! (To Die For!!!)

- Stephen

August 4, 2005

just want to thank you for the fabulous rosie shades. the quality is top notch and they work wonderfully with the lamps. great customer service and superb craftsmanship. couldn't be happier with the final product. thanks!

- Beth

July 31, 2005

The shade I ordered arrived the other day and it is beautiful! I was especially impressed with the quality of the workmanship. That is rare these days. It also arrived sooner than I expected. Thank you so much!

- Phillip

July 23, 2005

Thank you for the three turquoise shades. They are installed and look great inside the fixture.

- Rebecca

July 21, 2005

Hello Moonshine! I love my bubblegum colored shades! I'm tickled pink! Beautiful job... wonderful craftsmanship!

- Audrey

July 14, 2005

Absolutely LOVE the lamp and shade! We'll definitely be purchasing more from you in the future!

- Cathie

July 13, 2005

I did receive it -- and love it! Thanks very much.

- Timothy

June 30, 2005

Mother and I were very pleased. They look great in both of our homes. The color of mine is exactly what I wanted. Thank you again for a job well done.

- Linda

June 16, 2005

We love our hanging light shades.......they look awesome!

- Patti, El Pato Mexican Restaur

May 25, 2005

Got the shade. Look's great. I'll be ordering another one soon.

- John

May 21, 2005

got the lampshades a week ago. They look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

- Micha

May 20, 2005

Today I received the pillows that I ordered, and they're just wonderful. Absolutely terrific! Almost worth the wait :-) I may order more... GREAT workmanship, the fabric is wonderful - and thank you!

- Sarah

May 19, 2005

I just received the shades, and I absolutely LOVE them!!! Thank you so much- I look forward to ordering from you again soon...

- Sarah

May 18, 2005

I received my lampshade yesterday, thanks so much, it looks great, can't wait to hang it, very quick delivery time too. I am very pleased with my purchase. Will certainly order again.

- Deborah

May 10, 2005

I received my "Rosie" shade today and it is the bomb!!! There is only one detail that I overlooked and that is that I should have asked for the metal parts (the frame) to be in brass finish not sliver as the lamp on which it is going has all brass finish fittings. It's a floor lamp though and the shade will essentially be seen at eye level so no one will be the wiser. It might make sense to have brass or silver as one of the options one can choose on your order form. It may have been there and I just missed it. The shade will make the lamp. It looks great!

- Stuart

April 28, 2005

I received my 3 shades the other day and am absolutely ecstatic! I now have two fabulous Rosies that match and original two tiered shade perfectly, and an Ann-Marie that replaced an original shade on a lamp table combo! My pictures will follow, and as soon as I find more lamps I'm getting more shades! Three words about Moonshine......FA BU LOUS!!!!!

- Steven

April 21, 2005

I got it today - beautiful!

- Olivia

April 6, 2005

thanks so much! I am so excited to have found your site, and have already begun to refer it to friends of mine...Have a great weekend!

- Sarah

April 5, 2005

They are G---REAT. They both look great with my southwestern decor. I'm very HAPPY and will order more. I have the orange one on a wooden lamp and it just adds to it, the other one on a southwestern lamp and it looks like it was made for it. I am very happy and VERY SATISFIED with your work. My daughter really likes them also. Thank you so much and you have a very happy customer.

- Linda

March 25, 2005

OH MY GOSH, I LOVE MY LAMPSHADES. They work perfectly on my lamps. My neighbor was here when they came in and she had a fit. I am so HAPPY. The wait was worth it and when I order again I will know how long it takes to receive them. THEY ARE WONDERFUL. The orange one looks great in my living room . I am just so darn HAPPY .THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I will be getting others.

- Linda

March 17, 2005

The shade looks fantastic, really cool! Now I'm trying to think of other places in my home where I can decorate with them.

- Karin

March 15, 2005

Hi D'lana I got the shade today and it is perfect. It matches the lamp. Thank You again for correcting the shade.

- Steve

March 15, 2005

Under your Portfolio Section, you showed a Tambourine Zigzag lamp (last images under IDEAS). I own this lamp!!! And have been searching FOREVER for replacement shades. Since they have an usual side attachment to the base, could you please tell me which shade I need to order?

- Lourdes

March 14, 2005

Received today. Thanks. The shades look great! Will place another order in a few months.

- Steve

March 13, 2005

I can't stop smiling! I've hunted for rectangular shades until I am blind, for a funky black with gold accents 50's lamp, and, of course, came up with nothing! This evening Google threw me directly to your website! It is full of exciting things. When I finish forwarding it to all of my "most discerning" friends, I will get busy and work on my lamp!

- Susan

March 9, 2005

I purchased a lamp shade from you that I am absolutely pleased with and have several other people that will be ordering from you after seeing the lamp shade, I also will be ordering another one for myself.

- Debra

March 9, 2005

The shade is beautiful! and exactly what we wanted, but better!

- Amanda

March 6, 2005

I really do love my shades and tell everyone who asks just how great your site is!

- Sherri

March 1, 2005

Just received my lamp and shade and I am in love! I got the black floor lamp and Sandra shade in Twilight. They are absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for helping me with the choices and for ordering me a special high wattage lamp base. I will definitely be ordering again in the future - not only because of your awesome product but because of the great customer service as well.

- Shauna

February 12, 2005

Man! Your website is the absolute Bomb!!! I can't wait to add some of your lamps & shades to my new house after the renovations are complete. The job you do is absolutely amazing; Keep up the great work!

- Dave

February 11, 2005

Hello again! Just to let you know that the second shade arrived in perfect shape. As the other one was, it is absolute dynamite! It fits perfectly on my black z-ball 50s lamp. If I get really, really ambitious today, I might take a photo and send it to you. I thank you so very much, again, for making my lamps subjects of conversation with company!

- Laura

February 9, 2005

One of the shades arrived Monday and it is DYNAMITE!! I can hardly wait for the second one to arrive. As was my last order, this shade is perfect. Now I need to get busy and get my bedroom painted so I can hang it up. I thank you very, very much!

- Laura

February 9, 2005

Hi there Moonshine people, My shade arrived today in perfect shape and it is GORGEOUS! It exceeds my expectations. I've enclosed a photo of my new shade on the vintage plaster nubian lamp I purchased at an auction. Everyone, including the auctioneer, laughed as it came up for bid. I was the only bidder and took it home for a whopping dollar. As you can see, I got the last laugh. Your shade made a beauty out of my dollar special! Thanks so much.

- Ellen

February 8, 2005

Hi there Moonshine people, My shade arrived today in perfect shape and it is GORGEOUS! It exceeds my expectations. I've enclosed a photo of my new shade on the vintage plaster nubian lamp I purchased at an auction. Everyone, including the auctioneer, laughed as it came up for bid. I was the only bidder and took it home for a whopping dollar. As you can see, I got the last laugh. Your shade made a beauty out of my dollar special! Thanks so much.

- Ellen

February 7, 2005

Thanks, D'Lana we did receive the shade yesterday! It's great!

- Tammy

February 7, 2005

I received my pillows yesterday....they look great!

- Dottie

February 1, 2005

I want to decorate my entire home and office with your shades. I love them.

- Debby

January 25, 2005

loooove the shades. will order more over the years. they f*ckin' rock!!!!

- Kari

January 12, 2005

I have received your table legs. They are beautiful and work perfectly. Thank you.

- Marcos

January 7, 2005

thanks for taking some time to speak with me. i have been looking for what you offer for literally 3 months since i opened my store. i have several lamps waiting for just the right shade. i will send over my order asap. i am attaching some pix of my store as promised.

- Terry

January 4, 2005

The shade is perfect! Many thanks!

- Gary

December 29, 2004

I can't breathe and I'm hyperventilating at the Moonshine website! An avid collector of 1950's lamps since the early 80's, ( when they were affordable and more plentiful), I had to gave up my hobby as prices soared and the fun went out of collecting them. My desire for them never went away, however, and at more than one vintage shop I mutttered, " For the love of God, can't someone start reproducing these little pieces of art? How hard can it be?" And, VIOLA..... there you are! Who are you people and whomever you are ,you've done your homework! Every nuance, color, detail, texture, pattern, shape, I have ever coveted over the years is here!! I am dying!!!! :) Even your "Nicotine" series holds significance, as I once inherited a bunch of 50's lamps from an older lady who smoked liked a chimney. Of course, her 50's lampshades were stained that certain color that actually throws off rather warm glow.Please tell me how you came to name that color series, "Nicotine"? And, I was just about to start giving away 6 pairs of lamp bases without the shades( 'parents without partners', I call them), but am now completely overwhelmed with the options of how to save my little friends. Finally. may I ask if the shades are actual fiberglass? I love that you have lacing choices and cannot believe that you even offer diffusers.. too cool! I must take time to digest all of this, but be assured, I will be ordering soon. Thank you !

- Tony

December 27, 2004

I will be ordering a lampshade from you in the very near future and would love to see different combinations before I place my order. I have ordered from you before and was extremely happy with the service and shipping time. I ordered nine (9) hairpin legs and received them the next day. The woman that took my order was most pleasant. What service!!! This is what brings repeat customers!!!

- Glenda

December 18, 2004

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our Gloria lampshade. It was even better than we expected. Here are a few pictures we thought you may want to use as an example. Thanks again!

- Colleen

December 18, 2004

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our Gloria lampshade. It was even better than we expected. Here are a few pictures we thought you may want to use as an example.

- Sabrina

December 17, 2004

D'Lana - Thank you for sending the gold lacing to us, and so fast (to replace the brown leather lacing that didn't work well with the lamp base). The lampshade is now re-threaded, and it really looks great! Have a wonderful holiday

- Kelley and Scott

December 13, 2004

Hello My shades arrived today. WOW! They are not only beautiful but so cool. Thanks!

- James

December 7, 2004

I received the lampshade yesterday and am very happy with it.

- Bill

November 30, 2004

We love them!

- Cathleen

November 29, 2004

You are awesome. Thank you so much for taking care of this for me. I get wonderfull compliments on my lampshades and will now tell folks how great the customer service after the sale has been.

- Sheri

November 24, 2004

they came several days ago and they're gorgeous! Many thanks!

- Diana

November 23, 2004

i love your stuff it brought a huge smile looking at all of what you have- thanks

- Joe

November 18, 2004

the lampshades arrived yesterday afternoon and they're gorgeous! They go perfectly with my vintage fish lamps - thank you!

- Diana

November 17, 2004

It did in fact show up today and looks great!

- Josh

November 17, 2004

I would like to express my joy at your wonderful lamps etc

- Avy

November 10, 2004

Just received Rosie--she's beautiful! Thank you!

- Susan

October 25, 2004

Here's a PIC, the shades are gorgeous.

- Sally

October 24, 2004

I dig what you're up to! It's refreshing to see creativity in these days of blan'uniformity.

- Don

October 24, 2004

Yes, I got my shade and it fits just perfectly.

- Elisa

October 13, 2004

My living room could never be complete without shades from Moon Shine!

- Lisa

October 12, 2004

They got here on Thursday and look GREAT! Thanks.

- John

October 12, 2004

Our shade arrived on Monday, and it's exactly like I pictured it! I've attached a photo of the shade in its new home. I've only had it for two days, and it has already attracted many compliments (mostly from the people in the lighting store where I bought the fittings for my Australian lamp!) Thanks so much for you patience, and all your help. I really appreciate the care taken in packaging to make sure it arrived safely too. I'll definitely reccommend Moon Shine to all my friends!

- Julie

October 7, 2004

Please tell your production manager that the color he came up with for the lampshades is simply perfect! It is exactly what I was hoping for and looks fantastic in the nursery. I will have pictures coming shortly. Thanks again, it has been such a pleaseure to do business with your company. Everyone that asks about the shades gets the story on your company and the web address from me! :-)

- Cathleen

October 6, 2004

I have been searching the whole web for a site with new boomerang tables and wala there you are! Do you always have these in stock? I will be ordering all new stuff for my home in November /December , including some of your FAB lights and shades, but dying for table.

- Stephanie

October 6, 2004

The lamp shade arrived today. Thank you so much for taking the time to "get it right"! It is perfect for our lamp...just need to get a bigger harp...looks almost like the original that came with it 30 years ago! Thanks again

- Pat and Matt

October 2, 2004

d'lana, how forever in debt we are to you for making all our lamps a work of art! i received them yesterday. i'm so lame, i even teared up. and then when i put them on our lamps! they're so beautiful, i'm thinking of ordering one just for me as a hat! my suburban home is now complete. thank you so much!!!

- Elvia

August 20, 2004

At last something other than your "mom's" silk pleated shade! Really cool and different!

- Amanda

August 16, 2004


- Jenny

August 4, 2004

When I got home from work yesterday it was waiting for me on my back porch. It is toooo beautiful for words! I can't wait to hang it tonight! Thanks so much for a great shade!

- Leigh

July 28, 2004

thank you sooooo mucho! i still can't believe that i'm not seeing a mirage. i'm so glad that you exist!! my lampshades are too incredible for words. i'm the town envy. now our new home has the right kind of mood. thanks again, and you'll be receving a new order from me soon. i'm glad your business is doing well! my boss wants to carry them in our store.

- Elvia

July 21, 2004

The shades were way beyond what I anticipated. The pictures on the web page don't do them any justice. They are outstanding quality and the pattern was perfectly suited to my decor. It's like stepping back 50 years in time and it's now a delight to walk into my newly decorated retro living room. I would more than highly recommend Moonshine Shades to anyone who loves this era!

- Sandie

July 15, 2004

I just got the shade today, and I'm very happy with it. I'll be ordering more soon.

- Jim

July 12, 2004

I received my lamp and shade today. Beautiful workmanship -- I love it. Thank you!

- Denise

July 11, 2004

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I received my second shade from your company. Once again it is another amazing masterpiece, and turned out even better that I could have imagined. I will continue to tell everyone I know about your website and company, because if more people knew about your awesome product every store would want to carry them. I have 2 pictures of my new lampshade all lit up if you would like to post it in your gallery, as you did my last one. It is the Dahlia in Ivory and Mahogany with the Harmony pattern and it is so cool, I will be buying again, just let me know if you would like me too e-mail the pics.

- Jason

July 9, 2004

I received my lamp shade the other day and it is absolutely beautiful and the quality of workmanship is outstanding hanks!

- Denise

June 25, 2004

Great, great service and even greater lampshades. Our lighting is now the talk of the town. Everyone wants to know where we got them.

- Rob, Mudhouse Coffee

June 21, 2004

Hello Moonshiners, you did it again! The Jackie style shades arrived today and are beautiful. Thanks so much for a great job.

- Karen

June 11, 2004

My shade looks awesome. The color swatches on the color page doesn't do justice to the real thing. The design is beautiful, too. I'm very excited about this. It didn't take as long as I thought it would either, maybe only 10 days.

- Anna

June 9, 2004

I just had to tell you. I found an orginal of your cowboy version insert in the alley last week. I had no idea what it was but I walked thru the neighborhood carrying it and put it in my garden. (I am a known alley shopper who pretends just to be a dog walker) I was reading "Renovation Style" in the grocery line and saw the insert and instantly knew what I had. I had to see what you website was about.

- Julie

June 1, 2004

(forwarded from Atomic Ranch Magazine) Just received the issue yesterday and have been online looking at some of the advertisers’ websites. It is amazing how much is out there. I had been on the Sherwin Williams site before looking for that paint & plan to track it down this weekend. Moonshine Lamps is very cool. Awesome job, fun editorial!

- Susan

May 24, 2004

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! I received my shades today and as I expected they look fantastic. The quality, workmanship and packing of such was just great. I will forward some pix of it for you to enjoy the finished product. A majestic expert told me that it would be difficult and expensive to get shades for this lamp. I guess he has never heard of Moon Shine baby!!! Can't wait for the next one. . .

- Joe

May 22, 2004

My shades are absolutely gorgeous! I shopped locally and was told that nobody made these shades anymore. Were they ever wrong! Maybe I should tell them about Moon Shine?!

- Lisa

May 17, 2004

I am so excited to find you (through a Yahoo search). I had in my mind exactly the type of 3-tiered hanging lampshade I wanted but figured I would never find it. I even thought I may have to build it myself. Thankfully you exist - or it would not look so good!

- Cathleen

May 12, 2004

Hi, I saw your site listed on BUST. I really like the concept, keep up the good work!

- Kristy

May 10, 2004

The lampshade has arrived in the UK, thank you very much - it is just great and I'm sure it will look fabulous once we have made it up.

- Sarah

May 10, 2004

all is fine and shades look great!

- Peggy

May 3, 2004

Hi, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the Fran shade I just received. It looks amazing on the 50’s base I bought. It was easy to picture how it would look ahead of time with your super-friendly web site design and ease of choosing different options. Thank you for your excellent service! I will be ordering again once people get a look at my lamp and want me to put one together for them!

- Joe

May 3, 2004

Hi, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the Fran shade I just received. It looks amazing on the 50’s base I bought. It was easy to picture how it would look ahead of time with your super-friendly web site design and ease of choosing different options. Thank you for your excellent service! I will be ordering again once people get a look at my lamp and want me to put one together for them!

- Joe

April 22, 2004

I received the 4 lamp shades and they are all wonderful. I was wondering about the shade that I sent you to custom make the red and grey shades.

- Tiffany

April 22, 2004

I received the 4 lamp shades and they are all wonderful.

- Tiffany

April 19, 2004

I got the pair of shades, I love them!

- Don

April 19, 2004

received the shade. It's great! Thank you

- Ruth

April 19, 2004

Thank you very much for your generosity. I am constantly amazed at how generous companies like yours are to educational causes. We publish your website each month in our parent newsletter and we always put your lamp on display in our office as soon as we get it. I would really like to put your products and cards on display in our office this spring and next fall if that is possible.

- James

April 19, 2004

I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU for the delivery of my beautiful shades! I couldn't be happier with them...they are SO COOL!

- Leslie

April 19, 2004

I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU for the delivery of my beautiful shades! I couldn't be happier with them...they are SO COOL!

- Leslie

April 18, 2004

received the shade. It's great! Thank you

- Ruth

April 18, 2004

Thank you very much for your generosity. I am constantly amazed at how generous companies like yours are to educational causes. We publish your website each month in our parent newsletter and we always put your lamp on display in our office as soon as we get it. I would really like to put your products and cards on display in our office this spring and next fall if that is possible.

- James and Andy

April 6, 2004

Wow! Are you serious! Thank you so much! I have received such amazing customer service from your store. I am so pleased with all the shades I have bought from you (I used to live in Dallas, so I have quite a few I have ordered and purchased) and all my transactions have been so smooth. I truly appreciate it and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

- Kelly

March 30, 2004

Hi, D'Lana, I received my shade today!!!!... Iam very pleased with it... It arrived in perfect order, Thankyou Very Much

- Michael

March 30, 2004

Thank You D'Lana for the "Custom Kitty Shade". It turned out just as great as I hoped it would! It was a pleasure to work with you. You may use me as a reference anytime. Check out the picture !

- Keith

March 29, 2004

Just wanted to let you know that I received my shade over the weekend (invoice #1912, Bunny in nicotine), and I'm very happy with it. Not only does it look perfect on my 50s era rattan lamp, but at night, when the lamp is on, the glow is amazing. It's great to find people who still do quality work at a reasonable price, who know their products (D'Lana was really helpful), and who take care in shipping too. Even your website is cool. It's the first shade I've ordered, but it won't be the last.

- Wayne

March 29, 2004

I received the chartreuse shades with the harlequin pattern and they are perfect.

- Tiffany

March 26, 2004

I received my lamp shades today( earlier than I expected) and I can't tell you how awesome they look. The workmanship is flawless. I'm very very pleased!! I will be ordering the lamp bases to go with them as soon as possible. Thank you for a quality product! They have added the extra pizzazz that my 50's retro computer room needed. Thank you for making this product available.

- Charlene

March 15, 2004

My lampshade arrived Thursday. I love it! It is absolutely perfect, and *makes* the room! Thanks for your good work.

- Matt

March 11, 2004

It looks FANTASTIC! I just love it and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much!

- Susannah

March 8, 2004

I love all three of the lamp shades I ordered. Thank you for doing such high quality work for such a reasonable price!!!

- Michelle

March 2, 2004

Yes thanks! They are wonderful; we are particularly charmed by the customization of them, with my name written on the inside. I think you may enjoy a photo of the prop & costume they are intended for; if I remember I will send a photo to you when they are done. Thanks again; beautiful work!

- Kris

March 1, 2004

God! Soooo GOOD! I am broke right now, but you can't best bet I'l be back as soon as I knock over that bank......I need lamp shades for the really good fifties lamps I have bought w/out shades, and I need the cool screen door with the heron. No flamingoes? Whadaya think, I live in florida and I am about to move to St.Augustine... the Heron would be fine but a flamingo?! Fabulous!!!!

- Bettie

February 25, 2004

I received my order and I would just like to say thank you for doing such a nice job, it was definitely worth the extended wait!

- Kimberley

February 22, 2004


- Roy

February 19, 2004

I received the lamp today. The shade and lamp look awesome! Thanks so much!

- Elizabeth

January 30, 2004

I just got my lamp shade!!! I now have it on my lamp...it is so cool!

- Vicki

January 30, 2004

Thank you I received my order yesterday and I am so pleased! The shades are worth the wait, everything I had pictured. Thank you, so much.

- Lori

January 22, 2004

Okay... you'll never believe this... I HAVE THE LAMPSHADE!!!!!! Ken dropped it off last night and it is now on our vintage lamp. Thank you again for all of your help with this. I know that it was a real pain for you to deal with this. Thanks for being so nice about it!!!!!

- Christina

January 11, 2004

I received the shade today and it looks fantastic.

- Tyler

January 5, 2004

We could not be happier with our new shades! If lamps had feelings ours would be weeping with joy!!!! We our now loyal customers and will refer your services to everyone we know! The time from order to delivery was a little long but worth every second it took!

- Michael

January 5, 2004

We just recieved our lampshade order and just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your product.Your company could not have done a better job! We will be loyal customers for years to come and refer your services as often as we can! The time from order to delivery was a little long but so worth the wait!

- Mike

January 5, 2004

We could not be happier with our new shades! If lamps had feelings ours would be weeping with joy!!!! We our now loyal customers and will refer your services to everyone we know! The time from order to delivery was a little long but worth every second it took!

- Mike

December 31, 2003

Just wanted to let you know we received our shade a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it! Thank you so much for doing the exchange!

- Deanna

December 25, 2003

I have a 50s/60s lamp I rescued from my dad (he hates it). I used it for years until the shade fell apart. A two-teired shade, I looked all over for a similar shade and had pretty much given up until I found yoru site. Now that I know I can get another shade--I am SO excited!

- Elizabeth

December 20, 2003

I received the Kitty lampshade yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. Well done!

- Karen

December 19, 2003

My "rush" shade was supposed to arrive next Monday 12/22 or Tuesday 12/23 for Christmas. I was shocked when it was delivered yesterday 12/18!!!!!!!! My shade was perfectly protected by excellent packaging. I could not believe it when I attached it to my floor lamp. It looks soooooo cool!! It is going to be one of the highlights of my living room! You built it perfectly to fit my "washer" style fixture. Thank you so much for you excellent customer service and speedy turnaround. This is truly a quality product. Don't be surprised to hear from me again in the future.

- Arthur

December 18, 2003

Thank You so much! I just received my lamp shade and it looks GREAT! I love this company! Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

- Jane

December 18, 2003

The shade arrived today. It is beautiful and looks great on our lamp. The crafting is exceptional and is exactly what we wanted for our room design. Thank you. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a shade

- Diane

December 18, 2003

We hung one of your shades this past weekend and, naturally, it looks unbelievable!

- Debby

December 15, 2003

We received the shade, unfortunately it's not quite what we wanted, but that was our fault. The workmanship is excellent and you sent exactly what we ordered. We just didn't measure quite the way we should have and did not realize that the white "scratches" would have been plenty of accents on the shade. I'm hoping we did a better job on the other two. Thank you for your help and patience.

- Chuck

December 9, 2003

I was getting edgy about the wait. But the shade arrived today and it was sooo worth waiting for. It is terrific. I love it. Want to order another.

- Debby

November 26, 2003

I rec'd my lampshade yesterday...It is f#%@ing awesome!!! It was definitely worth the wait! Thank you so much!!!

- Christine

November 25, 2003

The lamp came today, it looks great, thanks so much

- Susan

November 21, 2003

Thank you very much for your customer service and staying in touch! That goes a long way here! The 2 lampshades arrived 1 day apart and we are very pleased. They are in our livingroom. The smaller one fits perfectly an old stand lamp. The larger one tops a hand designed, by my husband Dale, table lamp. He made it from old iron wheels, so the lampshade is an amazing compliment!

- Phyllis

November 21, 2003


- Sandy

November 21, 2003

I received the shades, and I love them! Thanks so much!

- John

November 17, 2003

Yippeeee Skippeeee! Thank you very much for making them so quickly. You are a rocker!!!! Thanks and we'll send pics when its all done!

- Amber

November 14, 2003

Just want to say thanks for the shade we rec'd today. It was perfect. I appreciate your fairness with the invoice as well.

- Linda

November 12, 2003

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I did receive the lamp shade. I absolutely love it and wanted to thank you for all the trouble you went through getting it to me. I have nothing but praise on doing an outstanding job to make things right. Plus, you should be proud of making some damn fine lampshades. Thanks again so much.

- Craig

October 27, 2003

The shades arrived and they look great. Thanks a million for your quick service and terrific products.

- Allan

October 7, 2003

It arrived yesterday & looks great; thanks!

- Laura

September 24, 2003

I received my lamp shade today and absolutely love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Kristen

September 14, 2003

I just wanted to let you know that I received the lamp shade and it is absolutely fabulous! What a great find your company was! I hope that we will be able to do business again. Thanks so much!

- Linda

September 10, 2003

A few years ago you all produced some fantastic lamps for a project, Crescent Moon restaurant (Decatur Georgia). Well the owner has been so successful, that he is going to build another one. Your lights have been such a great part of the identity of the eatery; we would like to use the lights again.

- Cara

August 13, 2003

Thanks, I just got the new shade, and I love it! I appreciate your help and understanding.

- Jenna

August 12, 2003

Just wanted to say how much I'm digging the shade, I thought the pink would have been lighter ... but, I love it nonetheless.

- Johnny

August 10, 2003

The new lamp shades arrived on Saturday and we love them. My husband is especially happy as the lamp on his side of the bed went with out a shade until Saturday’s delivery. The lamps belonged to my parents and probably date back to the 1950’s. I had to rewire one of them and debated on whether I should update the gold tone. I opted to leave it as is for now but may spruce it up later. One of the original lampshades was damaged so that left me with a dilemma. I had been searching and searching all over Madison for shades only finding cotemporary designs. So, I hit the internet and got very excited when I found your website. Thanks so much for the wonderful shades. They look marvelous!!!

- Patsy

July 13, 2003

got my shade and it is fantastic...well worth the wait. I think it was divine intervention that you couldn't make the rectangular shade, because the oval is perfect..and the one I should have ordered in the first place. Thanks again

- Tim

June 27, 2003

I received my Corina lampshade with Ivory and aqua stripe with starlite pattern and it is the coolest thing I have ever seen. You definitely will never find anything like this in a store. It is an awesome addition to my retro room. I will definitely be purchasing some more shades from you and will be telling all my friends as well. I have enclosed a few pictures if you want to add them to your portfolio. I cannot say enough, Thank you Moonshine Shades you are the best!Thanks

- Jason

June 17, 2003

Thanks for the great service! We really appreciate having the ability to see the sample with the lamp, considering that we can't just hop in the car and stop over!

- Scott

June 16, 2003

We got our lampshade last week and it's just what we had in mind. Thanks so much for redoing it, for me it was worth the effort, I hope it wasn't too much of a pain. Thanks again

- Beth

June 10, 2003

Hi, just wanted to let you know I got the shade last week and installed it. It is SOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! The lamp looks at least as good as when it was new, maybe better. Hopefully it will last another 30 years! Thank you again, I will recommend you to everybody!!

- Cindy

June 9, 2003

I got the harp and it was perfect! I am so happy with my shade- it is the perfect color and the perfect size. It looks really good on the table in my living room. I also really appreciate your great customer service.

- Kelly

May 29, 2003

The shades arrived today, and they look great! I'm looking for other lamps I can transform with the addition of a Moon Shine shade! Thank you

- Roberta

April 25, 2003

My friend called and the atomic lampshade has arrived. He loved it!! Thanks.

- Linda

March 6, 2003


- Veronica

April 4, 2001

Hello! I have attached a photo of our new store featuring the four Annettes we purchased from you in November. The picture doesn't do them justice...they just make the space! We've directed many people to the website and have been thinking about ordering a few more to have for sale…we'd never order from any of your competitors...we love you guys and your shades! Thanks!

- Amber, Cat’s Meow

April 1, 2001

I just found your site via a link at Hawaiian Barkcloth, and I am just amazed!!! I haven't been this excited about 50's lamps since I bought my first one 8 or 9 years ago, and I never ever got "unexcited", so that says a lot!! Each page of yours that I went to just blew me away, with the choices, prices, and creativity y'all demonstrate... and I can't wait til I have some extra cash so that I can make a purchase or two! The question just becomes, where the heck will I put them? But that's a problem for another day... THANKS for having such an outstanding and just plain COOL website with your fabulous creations! I can't wait to see them in person!!! Take care and thanks for making my day!

- Marcie

March 27, 2001

Hey Moon People, Absolutely great stuff ya' have here! Retro, hip, eclectic and just downright cool! I will forward this site to others interested in such things. DO expect an order from me and my wife soon.

- Bill

March 27, 2001

Your site is very impressive. I have a number of 50's lamps and am always hunting for appropriate shades. I've already passed your name to two other collectors and hope you'll be hearing from them. Thanks

- William

March 26, 2001

Good morning D'Lana, I wanted to let you know my most recent lampshade order arrived this past Friday and my wife and I absolutely love them--all three of them! And I wanted to thank you for your assistance with my past orders as well as this most recent one. I do have a couple more lamps that may need new shades but, for now my wife is still deciding on the styles, colors, etc. In the meantime, I have been mentioning to my friends what a wonderful service you provide, which simply amazes them (they are usually unaware that these old fiberglass shades are being reproduced). So anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, and that we look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.

- Joseph & Ingrid

0, 0

I saw the floor lamp we ordered a few weeks ago w/ the custom shade --- It looks awesome!! Client and I LOVE it.

- Renee

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