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custom lighting design and fabrication

NEW phone: 512.367.9220


outdoor drum pendants

as seen in


choose from these sizes...

  • 26" diameter

  • 24" diameter

  • 20" diameter

  • 18" diameter

  • 16" diameter

  • 14" diameter

UL listed, custom cord length, custom sizes available

custom lighting design and fabrication

We have changed the different types of services we offer.  

We have changed our business model.  Although we value and are grateful for the small businesses and individual customers that have helped us grow over the 23 years we have been in business, we simply cannot keep maintaining several supply channels to service all of the different requests from our customers.  This is due to our ever-growing number of commercial contracts that take priority.  

And concerning our commercial clients, there are instances where different, and sometimes competing, companies inadvertently or intentionally attempt to order identical or similar fixtures when choosing from our curated choices of shade size, shade style, shade color, applied pattern, pattern color, diffuser lens options, and wiring harness options.  Moon Shine does all it can to ethically limit and even prevent conflicts of interest among our clients but cannot assume responsibility for the actions of others who misrepresent their intentions.  To prevent any unforeseen circumstances, an exclusivity agreement can be drafted.

Since we are a UL LISTED COMPANY and have been getting such an influx of hospitality projects for quite an extended period of time now, we have decided to shift our services to designing, manufacturing, and distributing custom lighting exclusively to the trade.  Unfortunately, this means we will no longer be offering wholesale, retail, refurbish, parts, or repairs for the forseeable future.  

We will, however, be dedicating our entire staff to providing services to the hospitality industry full time working with architects, designers, distributors, and owners.  We will continue to build on and ever-improve our design capabilities, customer service, production time, and delivery schedule.

We have a custom metal fabrication shop and custom woodworking shop onsite in Dripping Springs, TX as well as a large format flat bed printer and a C & C water jet.




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