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Due to the fact that all our products are custom made to order, production does not begin on any order until payment has been received unless an agreement has been made with Moon Shine. Remitting payment serves as the customer’s confirmation of the order and allows production to begin.


There are instances where different, and sometimes competing, companies inadvertently or intentionally attempt to order identical or similar fixtures when choosing from our curated choices of shade size, shade style, shade color, applied pattern, pattern color, diffuser lens options, and wiring harness options.  Moon Shine does all it can to ethically limit and even prevent conflicts of interest among our clients but cannot assume responsibility for the actions of others who misrepresent their intentions.  To prevent any unforeseen circumstances, an exclusivity agreement can be drafted.

Once production has begun on an order, it cannot be cancelled. The order will be shipped (FOB origin), delivered by dedicated truck, or ready for pick up within an estimated 6 weeks from the time payment is received unless other arrangements have been made. If a rush order is needed or if Moon Shine requires an extended lead time, then these issues must be discussed at the time the order is placed.


Freight/shipping charges are billed as an estimate when the order is placed. If there are freight/shipping charges in excess of the estimate, the customer will be charged the remaining balance before the shipment is released. Full payment must be received before any shipment is released by Moon Shine.


In the event that a shipment is released without full payment, the customer’s credit card account will be charged the remaining balance upon discovering the error. If an order is picked up by the buyer or if the buyer arranges shipping with their carrier of choice, actual freight charges will be deducted and packing charges will still apply to the invoice.


Moon Shine has tested many different methods and types of packing.  Every box is double-walled and packed with foam peanuts, when necessary, to provide the maximum amount of protection during transit. This type of packaging is essential to help insure that items arrive safely. Fixtures are combined in the least amount of cartons to help save on shipping and packing charges unless the customer requests otherwise. The suggested method of transit is via box truck or some other enclosed vehicle. Transporting by any other method is at your own risk.

Moon Shine Worldwide, Inc and its partners are not responsible for damage, injury, or death due to mishandling, improper installation, lack of maintenance, neglect, loss, or theft of their products. All Moon Shine fixtures should be installed by a licensed electrician to an outlet in an electrical circuit with the proper breaker conducting the proper amps/volts and have in place the structure and/or supports required to hold the weight of any fixture being installed.

Please consider the size of the shades ordered to make sure that sufficient room is available to deliver, store, unpack, and dispose of any unwanted packing material. Moon Shine is not responsible for issues with delivery, storage, unpacking, or disposal of any packing materials used in any shipment. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange delivery, store, unpack, and dispose of materials using their best judgment. Recycling is recommended.


Any extra charges related to the delivery of a shipment that were not disclosed by the customer when the order was placed will be billed to the customer. Such charges include, but are not limited to residential, construction site, refusal of shipment for any reason, additional delivery attempts, inside delivery (when driver must carry shipment inside the building), scheduled delivery time, and address corrections.

No claims will be accepted by Moon Shine 10 days after the original delivery date. If damage occurs in shipping, the buyer is responsible for filing a claim with the freight carrier. Make sure any damage, concealed or visible, is noted on the bill of lading. If this is not done, claims may not be paid by the freight carrier.


Moon Shine will provide proper documentation to the buyer to help complete the claim. Moon Shine will not be responsible for any lack of reimbursement from the freight carrier. Damaged items will be replaced as quickly as possible, but will require payment for the item.


If the color is incorrect on your order, it may not be a manufacturing mistake. Even if you requested material samples from Moon Shine, those material samples were made from a different dye bath than your shades. We only ship orders with colors and patterns matching within a narrow, acceptable range. However, like ceramic tiles, there can be variation on orders where multiple dye baths are used. This is also why it is a good idea to order the total quantity of shades on the same order, and not one at a time, to insure a color match. Unless you sent a color sample back to us to specifically match (either from the material samples we sent or another source), there may be slight variation. If you are concerned about this, please contact Moon Shine, and we will be happy to discuss what to expect with your specific order.


Returns are not accepted since all orders are custom made. Please check the lighting schedule or builder specifications and measure carefully before ordering. Exchanges will be accepted under certain circumstances and will require the written approval of a Moon Shine representative (RMA#). Return shipments without an RMA# will be refused and returned to the sender at their expense.

Depending on the type of item or the condition of the merchandise upon arrival at Moon Shine, it may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.  Delivery of any shipment returned without prior approval will be refused and returned to the buyer at the buyer's expense.  


By issuing payment for a Moon Shine invoice, the buyer automatically agrees to the terms and conditions of this document. 

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